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Sleepy Eye Medical Center Limits Visitors Due to Flu Outbreak

In an effort to curb the outbreak of influenza, Sleepy Eye Medical Center has been restricting visitor access since December 15. The decision was made in response to an increase in cases of influenza and influenza-like illnesses.

Until the risk of transmission diminishes within the hospital, only immediate family or caregivers above the age of 18 with no flu-like symptoms can visit patients. In addition, only two visitors may see a patient at one time and patients with fevers, coughs or other potential flu symptoms will likely remain segregated from others.

"We are taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of influenza and to protect our patients, staff, visitors and the community at large," said Kevin Sellheim, CEO and administrator of Sleepy Eye Medical Center. "Restricting contamination is one of the best ways to halt the spread of influenza."

The restrictions will remain until influenza activity declines. Thank you for your cooperation.


Buying Safe Toys for Children this Holiday Season

Sleepy Eye Medical Center encourages everyone to observe National Safe Toys and Gifts Month this December. This project is led by Prevent Blindness America to help families keep safe toy guidelines in mind when buying and accepting toys for children.

Before buying a toy or gift this holiday season, follow these precautionary measures:

• Read all warnings and instructions on the box.
• Ask yourself or the parent if the toy is right for the child’s ability and age. Consider whether other smaller children may be in the home and have access to the toy.
• Avoid purchasing toys with sharp or rigid points, rods or dangerous edges.
• Check the lenses and frames of children’s sunglasses; many can break and cause injuries.
• Buy toys that will withstand impact and not break into dangerous shards.
• Look for the letters “ASTM.” This designation means the product meets the national safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
• Avoid toys that shoot or include parts that fly off.
• Gifts of sporting equipment should always be accompanied by protective gear.
• Don’t give toys with small parts to young children. If any part of a toy can fit in a toilet paper roll, the toy is not appropriate for children under age 3.
• Do not purchase toys with long strings or cords, especially for infants and very young children as these can become wrapped around a child’s neck.
• Always dispose of deflated or broken balloons immediately.
• Ensure that laser product labels include a statement that the device complies with 21 CFR (the Code of Federal Regulations) Subchapter J (per an American Academy of Ophthalmology recommendation).

For more information on safe toys and gifts for children, click here, or call Prevent Blindness at 800-331-2020.


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